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Marketing Strategy

We go through an in-depth research and understanding of your brand concept in order to deliver the best solution. After that, the idea becomes a plan. We organize all aspects of the project like the objectives and we get started.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive intelligence has been utilized by high-stakes industries for decades to maintain a competitive edge. Today competitive intelligence is a collaborative function designed to help businesses grow through smarter decisions.

Digital Advertising

We execute personalized consumer experiences at scale. Our end-to-end digital advertising solutions combine dynamic ad tech with managed services to deliver optimized messaging to consumers in real-time, on any device.

Website Development

We utilize the latest technologies to build interactive websites that engage visitors. We have a blend of both design and development expertise that gives us the capabilities of building some complex and custom web solutions for you.

Mobile Optimization

Adapting a website to multiple device types is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s the new standard. We’re leaders in responsive website design. We build meticulously crafted websites that your target audience can access from any device, anytime.

UX Design & Testing

Your company needs a digital experience that is intuitive, beautiful, and optimized across web, tablet and mobile devices. We focus on the user and their journey through the experience in order to challenge and solve for existing constraints.

We Execute Key Components For A Successful Digital Strategy

We Build Solutions For Every Size Business

About the Hangar 8 Agency

Hangar 8 fuels the growth of ideas and businesses by fusing beautiful design, smart technology, and hands-on entrepreneurial experience into a powerful force for progress.

Together, with hard work and an inquisitive spirit, we charge fearlessly ahead, challenging what is and creating what should be.

Our Proven Process Produces Results


The more we understand your business, customers, and goals, the more value we deliver. With this collaboration, we develop a design and development process that is client inclusive. It features tools that help our teams extract meaningful data, clearly map a path to success, and quickly create solutions for the challenges you face.


We create a plan that removes assumptions from the process and sets us up for mutual success. We include KPIs, stakeholder input and competition research. We pull together what is known and research the unknown. The information we reveal guides the strategy and tactics we need to accomplish your goals.


We put our whole team to work and get the engines running. The look of the products we deliver is important. Every idea is different, therefore, we strive to personalize to your business needs. Using the latest technology, execute to achieve your goals and we deliver in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality results.


Relentless usability testing is the cornerstone for providing a fully functional user interface and experience. Our UI and GUI testing methodology is designed to optimize element functionality, ease of navigation, user engagement times, information flow and consistency across different devices.


Here’s where our planning pays off. Here’s where we push our strategy live, walk you through the platform, and hand off any assets or documentation. We apply our iterative cycle of “Create, Measure, Learn.” We will run tests, follow analytics, and gather user feedback to continue to improve the effectiveness and performance.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Take Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination